The Simple Quitting System

Dear Frustrated Smoker,

– Have you tried everything to quit smoking and failed at every hurdle?

– Have you given up for a short while, before going back to those little death sticks?

– Have you had enough of finding it hard to breathe?

– Would you like to live your life to the full without leaning on a 4 inch long white “crutch”?

If you answered “Yes!” to ANY of the above questions, then this IS going to the be the single most important letter that you will EVER be fortunate enough to read (without exception).

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EM Protection

In  today’s technology intensive world, we are so heavily dependent on various  gadgets that even the thought of going a single day without any of them is  quite alarming. Unfortunately, the presence of so many of these electronic  tools is not quite in our best interests. Studies have revealed that being in  close proximity with devices that emit electro magnetic impulses is harmful to  health. These devices include televisions, computers, music players, cell  phones etc

Since it is impossible to do without at least some  of these devices, the only solution left to us is to protect ourselves from the  EM emissions that they give out. Isochiral tones can effectively offer this  kind of protection without exposing you to any adverse side effects whatsoever.

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Although  Dowsing is most commonly associated with the identification of water sources,  this method of divination has also been used to locate several other metals/  ores, oils, even gravesites. In effect, a person with the ability to carry out dowsing  is able to sense or divine the desired answer (or location of a specific  substance) by means of communicating with his higher self.

Some believe that dowsing allows the person to open  up a channel of communication with other spirit beings and gain their  assistance. Those who possess dowsing abilities have also been able to heal  certain kinds of ailments.

– How Does Dowsing Work?

There  are different views on how dowsing works. Some experts believe that dowsers  have the ability to sense the variation in magnetic fields caused by different  substances. Being receptive to these changes, the dowser can pinpoint the  location of the substance sought for by means of sensing where the difference  occurs and to what degree. What to know more ?




DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is a  natural chemical that is released within the human body. It is produced by the  adrenal glands and is considered a ‘good hormone’ unlike cortisol which is  released when you are angry or come under stress. DHEA is believed to be the  critical source ingredient that is essential for the production of almost every  other hormone required for the human body

Unfortunately, the levels of DHEA production wane  as we grow older. When there is insufficient amounts of this chemical being  produced in our body, we may begin to face several problems.

– Why Should we Replenish Lost DHEA?

Other  than the fact that DHEA is the base hormone required for production of many  others, it is also true that this hormone keeps the effects of aging at bay.  Studies have also found that with the right balance of DHEA, the human body  gains better resistance to diseases. DHEA also helps the human body combat the  ill effects of stress. This is a most important point to remember considering  that many of our physical and mental ailments in today’s fast paced world originate  from stress.

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